IMPORTANT – Booking Appointment System Change

As a result of the ongoing pressures on General Practice and our recent patient survey results, we have been looking at alternative appointment structures in order to improve the system for both patients and our General Practitioners. With lessons learned and patient feedback from these changes, we feel that additional changes should be made in order to improve accessibility further.

As from 15th February 2107 appointments can be made over the telephone, and now face-to-face at reception. Patients can still continue to book appointments online.

The new system means that you can still book a routine appointment or a telephone consultation with a GP in advance, however you now have an alternative option of booking an appointment face-to-face visiting the surgery.  The new structure will allow you to book an appointment for any issues. There will still be a Duty GP each day who will deal with the urgent acute cases.

We are really hoping that the new policy will provide safe care and improve access for patients. We welcome your feedback in the coming months.